Doubts You Should Clarify About Eyelash Extensions

Hair with another very short pulse again if you were instead just to keep heating the hair it would heat not only the germ cells around it but also your skin that you don’t want to damage and you would end up with burns so that’s the reason for the series of pulses that we saw but if you think about it this is kind of a weird irony I mean melanin is molecule.

Meant to protect us meant to protect our skin from the harsh rays of sunlight and that’s why it absorbs that light before it can penetrate further into your body and do damage but now with laser hair removal we’re using melanin its unique absorption powers against it by overpowering it with lots of laser energy we get it to heat up the hair to such high temperatures.

Ten Brilliant Ways To Advertise Eyelash Extensions

That the hair kills the neighboring cells the germ cells in the follicle that produced the hair so we are using melanin powers against it normally before a laser hair removal procedure the hair is shaved and that serves a few purposes for one thing not too much energy goes into burning the external hair which does you no goo din the first place and second it prevents the hot hair from landing on the skin causing surface burns but we found that shaved patches were less interesting.

Ten Steps Needed For Putting Eyelash Extensions Into Action

To watch because you Eyelash Extensions can’t really see what’s happening under the skin after the creation of the first working laser in its inventor theater Mennen called it a solution looking for a problem an unwanted hair may just be that problem because laser hair removal is the most requested cosmetic procedure hey I have a lot of people to thank who made this video possible like.

Diana physics girl whose idea this was thanks to her I no longer have that strange patch of hair on my shoulder so you should really go check out her channel physics girl and I also want to thank Darren without him at beyond slow-motion we would never have been able to do this he was simply amazing so you should also check out the on slow.